How to apply Bling It On Pony

We only make one product, it’s the very best for your horse and your wallet! Bling is made from the highest quality zinc in the world, so you get results.



Wash socks to remove surface dirt (don't worry about scrubbing as Bling will do the rest!). Create a thick workable paste (approximately 100 grams of 'Bling It On Pony' powder to 70mls of water). For best results apply to towel dried legs the night before competition as paste needs to dry completely.


Apply evenly to socks using a sponge or paint brush. When applying to long feathers or socks use a thicker paste but when applying to clipped socks a thinner paste works best.

Wipe off any excess that may have run down hooves, as paste may colour hooves slightly. Can be applied to face but be sure to avoid eye area.

Allow socks to dry overnight. Using a clean brush, lightly brush the socks to create a natural white look.

Finishing Touches:

Overnight stains can be removed with shampoo and a touch up with a little extra Bling leaving time to dry (~2 hours).